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What is Collaborative Publishing?

By Liz Barrett Foster, publisher, Meek Press

You may have come across terms such as “collaborative publishing,” “self-publishing,” and “vanity press” while searching through sites that cover publishing options for your book.

There are, however, several big differences between the three.
self publishing

With the self-publishing option, you are solely responsible for writing, editing, proofreading and designing the interior and exterior of your book before uploading it to an online publisher. Without any prior experience, this can prove to be a very frustrating–and long–process for the majority of writers who just want to get their work published.


Vanity Press

With vanity presses, you will have assistance in getting your work published, but, for the most part, it mainly involves taking the words that you submit and uploading them unchanged to an online publisher. The object is to get your book published as quickly as possible, so if there are grammatical errors or problems with the flow of the story, these issues are usually overlooked in the interest of time.


Collaborative Publishing

Collaborative publishing is just what it sounds like–collaborative. A collaborative publisher such as Meek Press works hand-in-hand with an author to make sure that his or her book is exactly what they’ve envisioned. Working together, the team and the author work together to perfect the manuscript, agree on the perfect cover, and market and publicize the book to those readers who will appreciate it the most.


Consider your project and your goals before deciding which publishing choice is right for you.

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